Our Studio

Visual Odyssee is a full service visual effects studio. We offer compositing, roto & paint, wire removal, digital matte paintings and 3D animation as well as miniature model creation and stop motion animation. We can photograph physical elements and inserts, and even offer on-set visual effects supervision and effects unit photography. We also provide opening and closing credits with special care taken to soften the "digital" look of computer generated graphics. If you require special makeup effects, we have a partner network of professional, award-winning makeup effects artists experienced with digital effects integration and ready to work for you.

Projects in Postproduction

You can always plan for visual effects, but in our experience, there are always unexpected shots and fixes required at the end of production. If you are in the editing stage and have a final visual effects spotting reel, we can provide a comprehensive quote at no cost to you. We can download your reel, watch it on a private/passworded Vimeo or YouTube page, or you can mail us a DVD.

Projects in Preproduction

If you are currently budgeting for your production and you have a special effects breakdown report, you can submit it to us for a free quote.

Projects in Development

If you currently have a script and are in need of an effects breakdown, we can provide a complete special effects report (including practical and visual) for $250, and this also includes our free quote. Please email us and send your screenplay in PDF format for this service.

Contact Us!

Please e-mail us at odysseepictures@gmail.com with any questions, or to get started on an effects breakdown or free quote for services. Thank you!

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